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Goats of Anguilla
23rd November, 2004
Set: 7.45 | SS: 0.00 | FDC: 9.45

Anguilla's goats represent approximately 65% of the Island's fauna population. These wide ranging animals are as resilient as the islanders themselves, with the ability to survive the most adverse climatic conditions. These animals have survived extended periods of drought which often characterize the local weather pattern, and continue to remain a thriving and valuable economic resource.

Goats have been for centuries domesticated by local farmers as well as raised in the wild which is their natural and preferred habitat. The animals are generally raised for their meat which is largely consumed locally. Goat's milk is also a product used presently to a lesser extent. A savory delicacy, "Goat water", is an island specialty made from the venison-like meat. Stewed goat and curry goat are also found on the menu of local restaurants.

In recent times Anguilla's goats have featured prominently on the canvasses of local artist. These omnipresent creatures have captured the imagination of resident artist Lynn Bernbaum as depicted in her water colour rendering "Goats in grasses" which depicts a herd of these free rangers grazing in an open field.

The Anguilla Philatelic Bureau, in recognition of these animals' significant traditional contribution to the island's economy and the role they played in earlier times as a determining factor in the survival of the local population, has decided to produce an issue of stamps, "Goats of Anguilla" as a fitting tribute to all and sundry, horned and bald.


Goats of Anguilla

REASON FOR ISSUE: In recognition of these animals contribution to Anguilla's economy and the survival of its people. VALUES: .30c, .50c, $1.00, $1.50, $1.90 and $2.25

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Kandid Photos Chris Mason

PROCESS: Lithography

STAMP SIZE: 30 m X 48 mmPAPER: PVA gum 110 gsm

PRINTER: Cartor Printer, France

Special thank you to Dr. Patrick Vanterpool and the Anguilla Agricultural Department.

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